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Monday, 6 July 2015

If you aren't sure how to prepare a PowerPoint, then a PowerPoint specialists company might be able to help. This could be a group of people or it could be one person who assists in creating slides for a professional presentation. There are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to the overall layout.

Make sure the presentation is used to enhance what you are saying instead of speaking for you. Don't add the entire speech to the slides as this can make them cluttered. Avoid repetition whenever possible. Remember, you will still be talking to the audience about your points, so you need to leave something to talk about. One general rule that you can keep in mind about slides is not to have more than about eight lines of content on each one. When using graphs or charts, try to keep the information minimal. Bullet points are good and can easily get points across as you often don't have to use full sentences.

Leave all of the creative tricks to the specialists unless you have created a PowerPoint before. You can use high contrast color schemes in order to make your presentation stand out. Try not to use vibrant colors that can get lost on the slide, such as yellow or orange. White or black backgrounds are ideal for slides as you can use any other color on top. Changing the font and the style of the words can bring a bit of uniqueness to the presentation, but you don't need to use too many changes as the audience could get lost when going from one slide to another. A specialist can give you feedback on a presentation that you have already created. You can also get tips on how to add music and pictures on the slides so that it doesn't look unorganized.

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