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Monday, 27 January 2014

Many investment bankers and others who are involved in this industry no longer work in just one country. Instead, they travel the globe, working in many different markets. For instance, John Studzinski has done this over his 30 year career. He is not the only one, though, and it seems like more and more investors are doing this every single year. What does this say about the economy in general and on a global scale? In many ways, it is evidence that countries are more tied together now than they ever have been in the past, so the world is moving toward an economy that is globally driven.

You can even see evidence of this if you look at small-scale investing opportunities that people can utilize from home. For instance, check out a site that allows you to trade on the forex market, or the foreign exchange market. The whole driving force behind this market is the idea that currencies are always changing in value. If you can predict how they are going to change, you can keep exchanging them back and forth, getting more money in return than you put in. Without a global economy that is linked, this type of thing would not happen.

There are many reasons why these changes are occurring. It starts with the Internet. As mentioned, you can trade on the forex market from home. You can also invest in companies from your computer, using an online broker. This is similar to using a traditional broker, but you never have to call them or meet face to face. You just look at the stocks, decide what you want to buy, and put in the order on the computer. The broker then executes it, and you can track the progress online as well so that you can decide when to sell it.

Of course, the shift toward a global economy also has to do with the fact that it is easy to get goods or raw materials from other countries. They can be shipped to you in days and sometimes in hours. This is something that used to take weeks, so it was more cost effective to get the materials that were close at hand. Since modern transportation and shipping options have changed the game, though, you may actually pay less to buy things from across the ocean than you would pay to buy the same things down the street.

Furthermore, you have to look at how money changes hands. It used to be that you needed to have bills or coins, so physical money had to move. Now, most money that moves is not even real, but electronic. You can have your paycheck electronically deposited into your bank account, you can buy things from anywhere in the world with a credit card, and you can then electronically transfer the money to the credit card company to pay off your debt. Numbers change on the computer screen, but you never actually see any of this money.

This makes it possible for transactions to take place in seconds. With things like digital files - ebooks, for instance - the money and the product could change hands right away, even with a distance of thousands of miles. This economy has changed many things for investors all over the world.

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